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Ridiculously Easy To Use

Crafted from day one to be the world's easiest way to create & manage UTM Links for your online business.

Right The First Time, Every Time

Presets, helpful tips, and your own link history at your fingertips making it simple to always create the right link for the job.

Look Like A Pro, Act Like A Pro

Automatically shorten your links for that professional look. You can even use your own domain – http://go.yoursite.com/abcd

The Whole Picture in One Place

Keep vital information in one place & privately store data such as targeting data, strategies, and images.

Fast, Easy, Foolproof Link Creation

Fast, Easy, Foolproof Link Creation

Creating tracking links shouldn't be difficult, so we've streamlined the entire process. Whenever you create a link, we save the data so it's at your fingertips next time you need it. No more wondering whether you usually use facebook.com or facebook.

Best-Practice Presets Included When You Create Your Account

Best-Practice Presets
Included When You Create Your Account

If you don't already have a naming convention, we include best-practice presets to get you started on the right foot. And they're removable if you decide to do things differently. Get it right the first time, every time.

Add Images To Your Links & See The Whole Picture At A Glance

Add Images To Your Links &
See The Whole Picture At A Glance

The perfect tool for paid advertising and visual promotions. Include a screenshot of your ad, button, banner, or creative and store it alongside your link for easy reference.

Professional Shortlinks, Automatically

Professional Shortlinks, Automatically

Look like a pro, act like a pro. Don't post full length UTM links that might confuse or worry your audience, just copy and paste the shortlink generated by our automatic link shortener.

Search, Filter, & Sort Your Links To Find Exactly What You Need

Search, Filter, & Sort Your Links To
Find Exactly What You Need

Find whatever link you need in just a few keystrokes, whether it's from yesterday or last year. Get the whole picture when analysing results and planning your next campaign.

Loads More Features in Progress!

Here at UTM Link Manager we're still very much focused on product development. The features you see above are really just the beginning. By the way, our customers play a big role in deciding what features we build and when.

Here's a sneak peak of what we're working on:

Custom Branded Short Link Generator
Use your own domain to create shortlinks e.g. http://go.yoursite.com/abcd
Team Management
You'll be able to see who created each link, and can even restrict users to only be able to create links using existing presets
Quick Link Builder (Chrome Extension)
UTM Link creation right where you need it - will intelligently recommend how to structure your link based on the page you're on
Integrated Reporting (Google Analytics)
See your UTM Link Manager data right inside Google Analytics (thumbnails, labels, and descriptions)

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What people are saying about UTM Link Manager

Eric Fellows

Eric Fellows

Investor, HVG LLC

Extremely useful for folks who are looking for a simple interface to create and manage tracking tags, or who don't currently use utm tagging and need a tool to get started

Laura Heath

Laura Heath

Head of Customer Experience, Recomazing

I really like that UTM Link Manager saves my links in a history that I can reference later. I feel like with Google they are lost forever once I make one.

Radhakrishnan KG

Founder, WebNamaste

I gladly recommend UTM Link Manager to digital marketers & entrepreneurs. As a digital marketing agency it's crucial to gather data/insights on every campaign, this is a great tool for creating and managing UTM Links.

Mathew Beeche - *bows down* I am sending this to every media agency in Australia - I literally had 10 calls today because of UTM tracking links on various campaigns and them not understanding what they were sending me on behalf of brands.
Clinton Geissler - Genius
Nathan Clark - Finally someone did this. Great stuff, mate.
Rockson Chan - Awesome stuff Bryce!!!!! This is something I have been longing for :)
F*cking finally.
Eddie Cranswick - Awesome work!
Emily Melinz - I use UTM links on the daily, so I am well-versed in their importance, but the annoying thing is, as soon as they're created they disappear, as if into thin air. It look like you've developed an easier way to understand UTM links and what traffic/revenue they're bringing in, which is awesome, Google Analytics is obscure. But also an easy way to keep log of what you've created, which has been bugging me for legit months. Maybe now I can get rid of my huge Notes document filled with UTM links haha