ATTENTION Internet Marketers, eCommerce/Online Store Owners, and Startups:

"Knowing Where Your Revenue Is
Coming From Should Be Easy!"

Do you have an online store or business?

I bet you spend a lot of time and energy trying to get people to visit your website.

But, do you know exactly where your customers are coming from? For most of the eCommerce entrepreneurs I've worked with over the last 6 years, the answer isn't good...

Sure, it's easy to see whether your traffic is coming from Facebook, or Twitter. But wouldn't it be nice to know exactly:

  • which tweet they clicked on before buying your biggest product?
  • which email convinced them to buy from you?
  • whether your blog is making you any money?

In fact, there used to be a saying:

"I know half of my marketing is making me money, I just don't know which half".

It's a scary thought. Imagine if half the work you did, was for nothing?

That's like having two jobs and going to work every day, knowing you're only going to get a pay check from one of them. You'd literally be spending half your time working for free!

Fortunately, with digital marketing it's possible to know exactly what is and isn't working for your business.

The problem is, nobody is telling you how to do it (or giving you the tools to make it easy).

So we thought it was about time someone did.

Here at UTM Link Manager, we're hard at work building a system that makes the process easy and manageable.

Our system makes keeping track of your marketing efforts easy - so you always know exactly what's making you money.

As you can imagine, it takes time to build something like this... but, we're really close to a finished product.

I've mentioned to a some past clients and friends that I'm working on this, and they've made me promise I'll give them access as soon as it's working (even if it's ugly!).

Apparently they've been wanting this a long time, so I decided to open this page so we can make a proper waiting list - got to make sure it's fair for everyone.

So below you'll find the form for our waiting list for entrepreneurs who want to get in early. If that's you, make sure to enter your details below and I'll email you as soon as we're ready!!

See you on the other side,

Bryce York
Founder of UTM Link Manager

"Knowing Where Your Revenue Is
Coming From Should Be Easy!"

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